Environmental Art projects

Posted by amartin | Posted in High School | Posted on 07-06-2012

Students of Ms. Adair recently created environmental art projects that depicted issues impacting water. Their creations are below:

The metallic fish is depicting both the trash in the oceans (the fish is made of discarded material) and what pollutants enter the fish, such as plastics and oil, etc…  Chantelle Ervin

The collage shaped like a water faucet depicts some of the issues facing people with water insecurities.   Davide Tissino

The painting is mixed media.  Part painting and part trash, depicting issues of humans encroaching on the sea and its inhabitants as well as the trash we disperse into the oceans.   Taylor Kaulfers

The one that looks like a farm is depicting the hazards and sources of big-farm waste. Rachel Craig

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