2017-2018 Third Quarter Honor Roll


Joshua Abbott, Kenneth Alekshun, Kinnon Apsega, Lillian Baker, William Bartlett, Janessa Bishop, Lainey Blakeman, Matthew Bolstridge, Gabriel Chibuye, Collin Clifford, Kayla Cole, Colby Cook, Hailey Crabtree, Hannah Crabtree, Dylan Cross, Lenox Cummings, Kody Doak, Audra Espling, Adrienne Fitts, Logan Geiser, Keagen Grass, Cody Graves, Allen Hall, Morgan Honey, Dylan Huff, Jasmine Hutchings, Timothy Jewell, Cody Matson, Jacob McKenney, Ethan Michaud, Hailey Morneault, Bakara Oakstone, Jacob Parker, Marguerite Raymond, Hunter Russell, Abigail Sargent, Brendan Saunders, Kostandinos Shanos, Liam Spaulding, Tyler St. Lawrence, Kayden Trundy, Sarah Wood

Vanessa Albee, Kier Armstrong, Morgan Bean, Joshua Birch, Marqus Cesar, Luke Charette, Raiden Charity, Kurstin Chute, Mackenzie Costigan-Coltart, Taylor Cross, Calvin Curtis, Connor Dorr, Anthony Easler, Joseph Emery, Alexander Fago, Mackenzie Fitts, Benjamin Fitzpatrick, Kaitlyn Glidden, Delany Grover, Rylie Hall, Kaylee Harvey, Jacqueline Heanssler, Adam Hoxie, Katie Hughes, Erica Karp, Jayden Keefe, Cloe LaViolette-Burrill, Abigail Lawrence, Derek Long, Lauren McCann, Amethyst Merithew, Sean Neal, Ian Reid, Alexa Richards, Paige Robertson, Sean Savoy, Lainee Springer, Juliet Stoneton, Braeden Swett, Taylor Tibbetts, Victoria Wood

Ethan Anderson, Lindsey Brown, Elizabeth Clark, Shyann Colavecchio, Alyssa Cottrell, Katherine Dalton, Brianna Demaso, Brielle Dickinson, Blaze Faulkner, Annabelle Fernandez-Faucher, Rebecca Gideon, Joseph Gilbride, Jordan Goodrich, Matthew Graves, Brendan Grover, Elizabeth Grover, Caleb Hannington-Rich, Kaitlyn Helfen, Christopher Horr, Sally Jordan, Zoie Jurkiewicz, Daniel Loftin, Maria Low, Anna Lufkin, Jacob McCluskey, Heather McGinn, Cameron Monroe, Jon Mousseau, Alex Mundy, Sherralyn Robbins, Isaac Roberts, Makenzie Sayers, Breanna Severance, Trey Stefanik, Zachary Steiger, Ashley Tanguay, Lauren Tardy, Noah Tibbetts, Sophi Williams, Rebecca Wood, Dylan Wright

Miles Adams, Seth Anderson, Evan Andrews, Tyler Beal, Cameron Billings, Zachary Bragdon, Josiah Brochu, Brian Brown, Matthew Bryant, Charles Burman, Zachary Butterfield, Brendan Clarke, Caroline Collins, Julia Cummings, Josiah Cyr, Kassi Day, Brooke Dennis, Siera Desjardins, Trevor Dugal, Joshua Enman, Phillip Feeney, Arianna Geiser, Sarah Gross, Kelsey Hines, Jessica Jewell, Omar Khan, Bryce Largay, Evan Lee, Zachary Little, Maria Maxsimic, Courtney Melvin, Dominic Pagnozzi, McKenna Porter, Maxwell Raymond, Justin Ripley, James Roope, Brooke Seymour, James Seymour, Haley Spox, Sierra Strang, Justin Turner, Ashlee Vilasuso, Samantha Watters, Nathan Williams, Olivia Wing, Caleb Winter, Connor Wirchak, Jordan Wood


Hannah Brown, Mia Cattan, Allison Crawford, Jacon Curtis, Jazlynn Eaton, Kyle Goodrich,  Alexander Hodgins, Tyler Kahkonen, Sarah Kiley, Cassandra Knowles, Maria McLaughlin, Amelia Mitchell, Alex Moreau-Baughman, Olivia Mosca, Dominique Ouellette, Zoey Rackler, Hanna Sabbagh, Paige Seymour, Colby Smith, Felicia Stanhope, Abby Stroup, Samuel Stroup, Finn Wardwell, Claire Warmuth, Brenna Wright

Kathryn Austin, Krystal Baillargeon, Joseph Basile, Caroline Blain,  Sydney Blain, Brooke Burrill, Eve Daries, MacKenzie Dore, Kyle Fickett, Laura Ford, Isabella Gatchell, Justyn George, Xerxes Grant, Dakota Grover, Michaela Hersey, Amy Holman, Emilie Ireland, Cody Jones, Rylee LaBelle, Kaycee Laffey, Morgan Lagasse, Grace Milan, Alexis Morrarty, Matthew Mousseau, Sean Neal, Trevor Pearson, Peyton Pelletier, Mataya Philbrick, Brent Roberts, Grace Robertson, Ashlynn Stahl, Kaylee Thibault, Zoe Vittum, Gwenivere Watkins, Kate West, Daniel Zaehringer

Josefine Ardbo, Trey Baker, Ivy-Sue Beal, Connor Bell, Amella Bidler, Kathryn Black, Lily Canders, Olivia Cattan, Riley Curtis, Dolores Eddy, Cecelia Ford, Lauren Forrest, Hannah Friedman, Johann Gerling, Andrew Gillette, Colby Hafford, Jessica Hart, Nathan Henry, Jared Hoxie, Jessica Hymas, Anna Jewell, Andrew Kiley, William LaPlante, Nicholas Luce, Anna Lufkin, Sarah Massey-Richards, Sydney Newcomb, Frank Noyes, Lauren Richardson, Jaeda Rogers, Lana Sabbagh, Jessica Sargent, Bridget Saunders, Anna Spaulding, Ethan Tardy, Noah Umel

Aaron Adams, Erin Aucoin, Tyler Bean, Calvin Beerman, Abigail Bennett, Lillian Blakeman, Clancey Brazier, Kayla Brooks, Cassandra Brown, Kyle Brown, Jessica Bruns, Benjamin Byorak, Alexis Clark, Tyler Clarke,  Amanda Cuskelly, Kelsi Day, Milena Delgado Laborde, Jonathan Donnelly, Aubrey Duplissie, Caitlin Fraser, Zachary Grindal, Christopher Haney, Lorraine Harrigan, Cassie Hillman, Elizabeth Horr, Samantha Johnson,  Bryant Kiley, Emily Lord, Natalie Mayo, James McLaughlin, Cameron Oxley, Alyssa Patterson, Collin Rhoads-Doyle, Abby Riva, Haley Robertson, Abigail Rogers, Cassidy Smith, Hannah Smith, Abigail Stoneton

Libra Foundation Supports PCHC’s Brewer School Based Health Centers

April 24, 2018 8:44 am

BREWER — Penobscot Community Health Care is pleased to announce that the Libra Foundation Fund recently awarded a $10,000 grant in support of PCHC’s Brewer School Based Health Centers. With clinics at the Brewer Community School and Brewer High School, PCHC provides more than 1700 students access to medical, dental, and mental health services.

Lori Dwyer, Esq., President and CEO states, “Much like the Libra Foundation, PCHC strives to empower our patients and the communities we serve by improving their health and well-being and enhancing their quality of life. The funding awarded by the Libra Foundation to PCHC’s Brewer School Based Health Centers will support the provision of medical, dental, and mental health services to children in the Brewer schools who otherwise might be without access to these crucial services. Our future certainly lies with our children and we are thankful the Libra Foundation recognizes our important work.”

Not only are the services convenient and affordable, data from the National Assembly on School Based Health Care demonstrates that “School Health Centers provide an optimal setting to foster learning readiness and academic achievement while giving children the resources they need to improve their health.” Students who use school-based health center services have better attendance and are less likely to drop out of school compared to students who do not use them.

The Brewer School-Based Health Center was established in 2006 as a partnership between the Brewer School Department and Penobscot Community Health Care to provide accessible medical, dental and mental health services to Brewer students in grades K-12. The Student Health Center staff consists of an experienced certified physician assistant, dental hygienist, licensed therapists, and a medical assistant. Although the school nurse and guidance counselors are not members of PCHC’s School Based Health Center staff, they work closely with the team to coordinate student referrals to the clinic and assist with follow-up as needed.

A link to the original Bangor Daily News article can be found here.

Mark Your Calendar: April 10, 2018 Testing Day

On April 10, 2018 the High School will be busy with multiple testing sessions. 

All Freshman will be participating in the Spring NWEA testing.

All Sophomores will be taking the PSAT 10.

All Juniors will be taking the state mandated version of the SAT.

Seniors will have choices of activities for that day. These choices will be presented to them at a later date.

All Sophomores and Juniors will be allowed to leave with parent/guardian permission after testing is completed.

Please make sure that your child is in attendance on this date.

More information will be presented to students and parents soon!

MMEA High School Jazz Festival

Brewer High School Jazz Ensemble participated in the March 16th and March 17th MMEA High School Jazz Festival and had outstanding performances.

Below are the results of our students at the festival.

 Jazz Combo II (entry level) scored a rating of II with a 79

Jazz Combo I scored a rating of SILVER with a 91 and Aaron Beaulieu was selected as one of 5 outstanding musicians in the division

Jazz Ensemble scored a rating of SILVER with a score of 94.5 which was half a point shy of GOLD. The ensemble also had a perfect score of 5 in sight reading which demonstrates their educational knowledge of music. When sight-reading, the group has 2 minutes to “learn” a 32-measure piece of music and then perform it. This task meets multiple learning targets which include, rhythm, articulations, dynamics, phrasing, and blend.

Nate Williams was selected as one 5 outstanding musicians in the jazz ensemble division.

All That Jazz will be performing at Gracie Theatre  on Thursday, March 22, 2018 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Once again the jazz ensemble will be performing at All That Jazz sponsored by the Bangor Area Breakfast Rotary. Each student will have 5 tickets available to sell @ $10 each. Each ticket is not only admission but is always a voting opportunity for their favorite performing group that evening. People can by more tickets for more opportunities to vote. Each group is awarded $1000 for performing and can earn an additional $1000 by audience vote, and another $1000 by judges choice. Here are the details:

  • Load at 6:00 pm at music room
  • Depart 6:15 pm fro Gracie
  • 6:30 pm arrive, unload and set-up necessary rhythm section
  • 7:00 pm show starts
  • If purchasing tickets by check, please make payable to BMA
  • Students are given 5 tickets each and are cataloged. Students must return money and any unsold tickets on/or before 6:00 pm Wednesday evening. Any lost tickets are the responsibility of student