The Brewer High School Athletic Hall of Fame project began with an idea by newly hired athletic administrator, David Utterback and an initial exploratory committee in the fall of 2012 was set up. From there, the Hall of Fame has morphed into Maine's BEST High School Athletic Hall of Fame with a full committee dedicated to the advancement of the Hall of Fame and appropriate recognition of deserving Brewer Witches.

With the renovation at Brewer High School in the summer of 2013 and through the school year of 2013-2014, the timing was perfect to incorporate this project with a 'new look' Brewer High School. In order to get a first class structure, funds needed to be secured to pay the lofty price tag of $30,000 by the Hall of Fame committee. Below, donors who contributed to the construction of the athletic Hall of Fame are linked.

Since the construction of the structure at Brewer High School, many alumni, community members, inductees and friends have donated to the Athletic Hall of Fame. Those donors are listed in the "Continuing Supporters and Donors" link below. These individuals ensure the long-term sustainability of this project and ability to recognize the many deserving Brewer Witches from year to year.

In 2017, an agreement was reached with Richard & Donna Varney (formerly Donna Corey) in which the Athletic Hall of Fame would be presented by the Corey-Varney family. More on this arrangement can be found by clicking this link.

For more information on how you can help, please contact the Athletic Director and Chairperson of the Athletic Hall of Fame.

Construction of The Hall of Fame Donors

Continuing Supporters and Donors of The Hall of Fame (Post Construction)