2018-2019 BHS SAAC Executive Committee

  • Chairperson - Becca Gideon (Volleyball, Basketball, Softball)
  • 1st Vice Chairperson - Libby Hewes (Soccer and Softball)
  • 2nd Vice Chairperson - Trevor Pearson (Basketball and Baseball)
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Ashley Tanguay (Volleyball, Basketball, Outdoor Track)
  • Secretary of Records - Jaeda Rogers (Volleyball and Basketball)
  • Athletic Director - Mr. Utterback
  • Faculty Representatives - Glendon Rand (Teacher/Coach), Skip Estes (Coach), Paul Wellman (Teacher/Coach).

Beginning in 2017, membership levels are earned through participation in volunteer based activities.

Point System as follows: (TBA)


Adopted: 9/27/2012
Ammended: March 2016
To be revised: Fall 2017

Article I - Purpose:

The Brewer High School Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) will serve as a bridge between the Department of Athletics/Administration and the student/athletes at Brewer High.

The SAAC will also be involved in community efforts, athletics promotion and promote unity amongst students and the various athletics programs at Brewer High School.

Article II - Membership:
  • The membership of the SAAC is comprised of representatives from each sport and as well as a faculty member and current coach at Brewer High School. Each member serves as a liaison between the committee and their respective sports program. Each much must both be athletically eligible and academically eligible to maintain membership. Each individual on the council carries one vote.
  • Each program shall have at least one member representing their activity, recommended by their coach.
  • Any student-athlete who appears on multiple nomination ballots will be invited onto the committee.
  • Coaches will recommend student/athletes for membership in the upcoming academic year in May.
  • The Athletic Director will seek a coach representative.
  • The first meeting of each SAAC group will be in September, once school resumes.
  • Officers will be selected by the chairperson and athletic director
  • Members can serve for multiple years for a program at the recommendation of their coach.
  • The organization of officers shall consist of:

Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer and other individuals selected by the athletic administrator, faculty representative(s) and/or chair person.

Article III - Meetings:

Meetings will occur on a bi-weekly basis, with an agenda set by the Chairperson and Athletic Director. Meetings will be held in the morning, 7:15, before school hours in the Brewer High School lecture hall.

All members must be present at meetings, unless a legitimate excuse is provided. Excused absences include, but are not limited to:

  • Illness
  • Prior appointments
  • Unforeseen circumstance
  • Family event
  • School sponsored/academic trip

The Chairperson and Athletic Director will determine the validity of each absence on a case-by-case basis.

On a fourth absence, a member would be removed from the SAAC.

Article IV - Amendments:

Any amendment to the by-laws must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote. Amendment proposals are voted on only if two-thirds of the committee are present, and each sports program has at least one of their representatives present. Amendment proposals should be submitted to the officers prior to the meeting and will be placed on the agenda.

Article V - Non-Discriminatory Statement:

This board will not discriminate based upon race, sex, age, ethnicity, religion, personal preference or sport.

Article VI - Coach Representative to the Committee:

A minimum of one coach representative will be assigned to the SAAC. The Representative will assist in the flow and direction of the SAAC. This provides all stakeholders with a sense of belonging and importance to the mission of the SAAC. The athletic director will appoint Coach Representative(s).

Article VII - Grounds for Dismissal:

Any member of the SAAC will be dismissed if it is deemed by the Director of Athletics, Coach Representative, and any other member of the school administration that the member in question is conducting himself/herself in an inappropriate manner. Some grounds for dismissal may include, but are not limited to:

  • Breaking of any codes within the Brewer school department athletic eligibility policy.
  • Breaking of any codes within the Brewer high school student code of conduct.
  • At the request of the programs Head Coach.
  • At the request of the administration of Brewer High School.
  • At the request of the other members of the SAAC.

Additionally, officers may be impeached by the board with a two-thirds majority vote. Voting on impeachment will take place after a member of the SAAC has called for impeachment, and that motion is seconded by another member. All active members votes are required in this process.

Article VIII - Duties of the Officers:
  • Chairperson: Set the agenda, represent the group at state level meetings and regional advocacy meetings. Be the spokesperson for the group.
  • Vice-Chairperson: Fill in for the Chair-person in any absence, help direct meetings, represent the group at the state level meetings. Be a spokesperson for the group. Oversees any sub-committees formed.
  • Secretary: Document attendance, meeting minutes and submit minutes to the chair and AD. Provide an agenda to all members 24 hours prior to the meeting.
  • Treasurer: Document and oversee all funds associated with the SAAC. Create a treasurers report on a monthly basis.
Article IX - Role of the Athletic Director:

The Athletic Director will have the final say in all matters regarding the SAAC. The Athletic Director will be in contact with the Coach representative and Chairperson of the SAAC. The Coach representative and and/or Chairperson should be the only individuals who would bring issues of immediate urgency to the Athletic Director.

Article X - Definitions of the Role of the SAAC and what it will not do:

The purpose of the SAAC is not intended to be a creator of policy however, may have input on creation or amendment of current policies or new policies, have input on budget and other administrative decisions related to student/athletes at Brewer High School. The SAAC will not make recommendations to coaches for removal, dismissal or selection of student/athletes to respective programs.