Our mission is to educate all students through relevant and engaging instruction to achieve personal success and contribute to their community.

Our Vision is to be an innovative learning community preparing students to reach their full potential as leaders, learners and critical thinkers in a complex and changing world.

PK-4 Principal: Allison Kahkonen

5-8 Principal: Jason Richards

Assistant Principal: Samantha Pangburn

School Counselor: Mrs. Snowdeal

Director of Instruction: Renita Ward-Downer

Teachers: Mr. Holyoke, Mrs. Shaw, Mr. Kumpa, Mrs. McDonough, and Mr. Allen

Phone: (207) 404-5700

Eighth grade is a year where kids …

  • Focus on and plan for the future
  • Prepare for high school
  • Practice habits for success
  • Advocate for self

How Can You Help? Be Involved!

  • Home to school and school to home communication is key. Please call, send a note, or email our staff anytime.
  • Attend our school and family events, including conferences in November. Be sure to ask questions.
  • Request additional meetings to ask questions and seek advice or input about how to help your child.
  • Read through notices, information, and student work that are sent home.
  • Get involved in our PTU or become a school volunteer.

Visit our Grade 8 Homework website: https://kshaw60.wixsite.com/mysite

In English/Language Arts, our priority learning targets are:

Language: Conventions: Capitalization & Punctuation

  • Capitalization & Punctuation
  • Grammar usage

Reading: Informational: Argument & Reasoning

  • Author’s purpose
  • Author’s technique

Reading: Informational: Central Idea

  • Organizational patterns and text structures
  • Multiple main ideas

Reading: Literature: Theme

  • Story elements
  • Theme development

Speaking and Listening: Collaborative Conversations

  • Multiple perspectives
  • Question ideas presented by others
  • Justify own view

Speaking and Listening: Presentation and Delivery and Speech

  • Present sound, supported, focused claims
  • Present with multimedia
  • Present with speech and vocal techniques

Writing: Research: Accessing & Reporting Information

  • Credible sources
  • Using research

Writing: Types and Purpose: Informative/Explanatory

  • Informational Writing

Writing: Types and Purpose: Narratives

  • Narrative Writing

Writing: Types and Purpose: Opinion/Argument

  • Opinion writing
  • Argument development

In Math, our priority targets are:

Number and Quantity: Number Systems

  • Exponent Rules
  • Scientific Notation
  • Rational & Irrational Numbers

Algebra: Expressions & Equations

  • Simplifying Expressions
  • Solving Equations

Algebra: Interpreting Functions

  • Functions
  • Rate of Change
  • Domain & Range
  • Slope & Intercept

Geometry: Attributes and Properties

  • Angle Relationships
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Congruent Figures
  • Similar Figures

Geometry: Measurement

  • Volume of cones, cylinders, spheres, prisms, and pyramids
  • Surface area of cones, cylinders, spheres, prisms, and pyramids

Earth & Space Science:

  • Phases of the moon

Life Science:

  • Structural evidence & kinship
  • Genetic variations & natural selection
  • Extinction & relationships
  • Multicellular & unicellular organisms
  • Photosynthesis & cellular respiration
  • Sexual & asexual reproduction on the traits of the offspring.
  • Inheritance & determining genotype and phenotype

Physical Science:

  • Balanced & unbalanced forces
  • Friction
  • EM waves

Culture: Leadership & People

  • American Government
  • The U.S. Presidency
  • Native American Studies

Government and Civics: Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

  • American Government

Government and Civics: US Constitution and the Legal System

  • American Government
  • Maine Studies
  • Native American Studies

US History: Social, Political & Economic Reform

  • Conflict
  • Economics
  • Watershed Moments in Modern American History
  • Ethnicity in America

US History: Transformation

  • Conflict
  • Economics
  • Watershed Moments in Modern American History
  • Ethnicity in America

US History: War & Diplomacy

  • Conflict
  • Watershed Moments in Modern American History

World History: War and Diplomacy

  • Conflict
  • Watershed Moments in Modern American History

All 8th Grade Students also have access to 1-2 related arts classes daily.

PE: Mr. Brady

Art: Mr. Estes

Band: Mrs. Nadeau

Foreign Language: Mrs. Snook

Health: Mr. Hutchins

JMG: Ms. Ricker

The City of Brewer is proud to be a community of caring. Along with these values, Habits of Work are explicitly taught at each grade level. We work with our K-8 students to help them become a:

Respectful Learner

  • Listens and follows directions
  • Respects rights and feelings of others

Responsible Learner

  • Behaves responsibly
  • Completes assignments

Collaborative Worker

  • Works and plays cooperatively
  • Participates/engages in class

Self-Directed Learner

  • Demonstrates independent work habits
  • Produces quality work
  • Shows perseverance