Our mission is to educate all students through relevant and engaging instruction to achieve personal success and contribute to their community.

Our Vision is to be an innovative learning community preparing students to reach their full potential as leaders, learners and critical thinkers in a complex and changing world.

PK-4 Principal: Allison Kahkonen

5-8 Principal: Jason Richards

Assistant Principal: Samantha Pangburn

School Counselor: Mrs. Blier

Director of Instruction: Renita Ward-Downer

Teachers: Mr. McGrath, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Levesque, Mrs. Winchester

Phone: (207) 404-5700

How Can You Help? Be Involved!

Home to school and school to home communication is key. Please call, send a note, or email our staff anytime.

  • Attend our school and family events, including conferences in November. Be sure to ask questions.
  • Request additional meetings to ask questions and seek advice or input about how to help your child.
  • Read through notices, information, and student work that are sent home.
  • Get involved in our PTU or become a school volunteer.


  • Understands the impact specific words have on creating mood, tone, and authenticity. Understands figurative language enhances meaning beyond the literal meaning.
  • Is skilled at using capitalization and punctuation rules in context when writing.
  • Is skilled at using conventions of standard grammar and usage when writing and speaking (verb tense, subject-verb agreement, adjectives, conjunctions).
  • Is skilled at writing words with long vowel, irregular vowel patterns and common syllable patterns in multi-syllable words. Uses references to check or correct spelling.


  • Understands authors use a variety of text features to organize and emphasize information within a text.
  • Understands how to analyze the effectiveness of the author’s development of the central idea.
  • Understands how authors use different types of narration and how this contributes to the plot.
  • Is skilled at identifying the theme in a story using relevant information or details from the text.

Speaking and Listening:

  • Understands how to report on a topic or present an opinion using appropriate facts and/or details to support main ideas. Understands how to include multimedia and/or visual displays in presentations.


  • Collects and organizes information and documents sources to answer a simple research question.
  • Revises a piece of writing to ensure the theme or main idea is complete and meets the needs of the audience.
  • Uses relevant, precise information and vocabulary for a selected informational topic in an organized format.
  • Develops and writes a narrative story using dialogue, descriptions that include sensory language; and a variety of transition words, phrases, and clauses.
  • Presents an opinion/argument in which supporting ideas are grouped to support the purpose in a piece of writing.

Algebra: Foundational Algebra

  • Is skilled at using parentheses, brackets, or braces to evaluate numerical expressions.

Geometry: Coordinate Systems and measurement

  • Understands what each number in an ordered pair indicates and is skilled at plotting points in quadrant one.
  • Is skilled at finding volume using unit cubes. Is skilled at using the formula for finding the volume of a right rectangular prism with whole-number edge lengths.

Number Sense/Place Value: Fractions, Decimals, Percents

  • Understands that a digit in one's place represents 1/10 of the place to its left
  • Understands how to round decimals to any place using place value.
  • Is skilled at adding and subtracting decimals up to the thousandths place.
  • Is skilled at multiplication and division of multi-digit decimals to the hundredths place.
  • Is skilled at addition and subtraction of mixed numbers and simplifying the results.
  • Is skilled at multiplying a fraction by a fraction.
  • Is skilled at dividing a fraction by a fraction.

Operations: Multiplication & Division

  • Is skilled at multiplying multi-digit numbers using the standard algorithm.
  • Is skilled at dividing a 4 digit dividend by a two-digit divisor with remainders.

Statistics & Probability: Data Analysis

  • Is skilled at creating line plots that display a data set of measurements in fractions of a unit (1⁄2, 1⁄4, 1⁄8)

Tools of Measurement: Measurement

  • Is skilled at solving multi-step word problems requiring conversions of measurement.

Geometry: Attributes and Properties

  • I can classify two-dimensional shapes into categories that become more and more specific.

Life Science: Cells and Organisms

  • Understand that organisms have structures that have different functions to support survival.

Life Science: Heredity and Reproduction

  • Understand ways living things resemble their parents
  • Understand how heredity and shape physical traits and behaviors (nature vs. nurture).

Physical Science: Forces & Motion

  • Understand that force is required for motion and that changes in speed or direction are caused by forces.

Physical Science: Matter

  • Understand different phases of matter (solid, liquid, gas) and that matter can change from one state to another.
  • Understand the differences between physical and chemical changes and that matter is neither created nor destroyed.
  • Understands the relationship of the motion of particles to the states of matter for gases, liquids, and solids.

Physical Science: Mechanical Systems

  • Understand the uses of simple machines. Understands that one or more simple machines can make up more complex machines.

Geography: Maps & Tools

  • Is skilled at using latitude and longitude to chart a location on a map. Is skilled at using a legend and map scale.

Geography: U.S. Regions

  • Understand how the geography of different regions influenced decisions to migrate to/from/within North America.

Government/Civics: Rights/Responsibilities of Citizenship

  • Understands how laws and rules define good citizenship.
  • Understands the rights and responsibilities of various leadership roles within the school and community.

Government/Civics: US Constitution and Legal System

  • Understands the organization of the US Constitution

The City of Brewer is proud to be a community of caring. Along with these values, Habits of Work are explicitly taught at each grade level. We work with our K-8 students to help them become a:

Respectful Learner

  • Listens and follows directions
  • Respects rights and feelings of others

Responsible Learner

  • Behaves responsibly
  • Completes assignments

Collaborative Worker

  • Works and plays cooperatively
  • Participates/engages in class

Self-Directed Learner

  • Demonstrates independent work habits
  • Produces quality work
  • Shows perseverance