Our mission is to educate all students through relevant and engaging instruction to achieve personal success and contribute to their community.

Our Vision is to be an innovative learning community preparing students to reach their full potential as leaders, learners and critical thinkers in a complex and changing world.

PK-4 Principal: Allison Kahkonen

5-8 Principal: Jason Richards

Assistant Principal: Samantha Pangburn

Teachers: Mrs. Richards, Mrs. Higgs, Mrs. Raymond, Mrs. Coffey-Roope, Mrs. L Jordan, and Mrs. Knowles

Director of Instruction: Renita Ward-Downer

Phone: (207) 404-5700

First Grade is a year where students are learning more independence. Most of our lessons include a whole group mini-lesson, followed by guided practice and hands-on activities to practice skills.

How Can You Help? Be Involved!

  • Home to school and school to home communication is key. Please call, send a note, or email our staff anytime.
  • Attend our school and family events, including conferences in November. Be sure to ask questions.
  • Request additional meetings to ask questions and seek advice or input about how to help your child.
  • Read through notices, information, and student work that are sent home.
  • Get involved in our PTU or become a school volunteer.

In English/Language Arts, our priority learning targets:

Language: Conventions: Capitalization & Punctuation

  • Is skilled at using capitalization and punctuation rules in context when writing.

Language: Conventions: Spelling

  • Is skilled at writing words with a variety of common spelling patterns
  • Is skilled at writing words with common short vowel patterns

Reading: Foundations: Phonics

  • Is skilled at decoding one-syllable words containing digraphs and blends within the text.
  • Is skilled at decoding one-syllable words with long vowels (with silent e and vowel teams) within the text.
  • Is skilled at decoding words with common prefixes, suffixes, and endings within the text.
  • Reading: Literature: Point of View/Purpose
  • Understands the difference between the author’s and the narrator’s roles in telling the story.

Speaking and Listening:

  • Understands how to tell a story or recount an experience with appropriate facts and relevant, descriptive details. 
  • Understands how to draw or create visual displays to clarify ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

Writing: Types and Purpose: Informative / Explanatory

  • Is skilled at using multiple facts related to the same topic or process to create a piece of writing.

Writing: Types and Purpose: Narratives

  • Is skilled at presenting multiple events with details in a properly sequenced order.

Writing: Types and Purpose: Opinion/Argument

  • Is skilled at stating an opinion about a topic, providing reasons for that opinion, and presenting a concluding statement in a piece of writing. 

In Math, our priority targets are:

Geometry: Attributes and Properties

  • Understands the similarities and differences between or among two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes

Number Sense: Counting & Cardinality

  • Understands each successive number name refers to a quantity that is one larger, each previous is one fewer, and is able to count forward and backwards beginning from any given number.

Number Sense: Counting and Cardinality Checklists

  • Skip Counting

Number Sense: Fractions, Decimals, Percents

  • Understands that a circle or rectangle can be divided into equal parts.

Number Sense: Place Value

  • Understands the concept of place value for numbers 11 to 19
  • Understand what the digits of a two digit number (20-99) represent (amounts of tens and ones).

Operations: Addition & Subtraction

  • Understands that numbers to 10 can be decomposed into pairs in more than one way and recorded using a drawing or equation.
  • Is skilled at adding to numbers within 20. Is skilled at taking from numbers within 20.

Statistics & Probability: Data Analysis

  • Can use a graphic to interpret data and solve problems.

Tools of Measurement: Time

  • Understands that time is measured in hour and half-hour intervals using an analog and digital clock.

Science and Social Studies are taught in thematic units. Our units of study are below, along with the priority targets for each.

Earth and Space: Atmosphere and Weather

  • Understand the weather characteristics of seasons.
  • Understand the role the sun plays in the rate of evaporation.

Culture: Awareness and Understanding

  • Understands that people have similarities and differences.

Geography: Maps & Tools

  • Understands that a map is a visual representation of a place (room, home, neighborhood).

All K-3 Students also have access to daily related arts classes.

PE: Mr. Dyer and Ms. Dubois

Art: Mrs. Jordan

Music: Ms. Macleod

Library: Mrs. Holyoke

Technology: Ms. Clawson

Guidance: Mrs. Craven

The City of Brewer is proud to be a community of caring. Along with these values, Habits of Work are explicitly taught at each grade level. We work with our K-8 students to help them become a:

Respectful Learner

  • Listens and follows directions
  • Respects rights and feelings of others

Responsible Learner

  • Behaves responsibly
  • Completes assignments

Collaborative Worker

  • Works and plays cooperatively
  • Participates/engages in class

Self-Directed Learner

  • Demonstrates independent work habits
  • Produces quality work
  • Shows perseverance