Our mission is to educate all students through relevant and engaging instruction to achieve personal success and contribute to their community.

          Our Vision is to be an innovative learning community preparing students to reach their full potential as leaders, learners and critical thinkers in a complex and changing world.

          PK-4 Principal: Allison Kahkonen

          5-8 Principal: Jason Richards

          Assistant Principal: Samantha Pangburn

          Director of Instruction: Renita Ward-Downer

          Teachers: Mrs. D. Bryant, Mrs. Cuskelly, Mrs. Jewell, Ms. Bowman, Ms. Wilder, and Mrs. Scripture

          Phone: (207) 404-5700

          Third grade is a year where kids are learning to become independent readers, writers, and thinkers. 

          How Can You Help? Be Involved!

        • Home to school and school to home communication is key. Please call, send a note, or email our staff anytime.
        • Attend our school and family events, including conferences in November. Be sure to ask questions.
        • Request additional meetings to ask questions and seek advice or input about how to help your child.
        • Read through notices, information, and student work that are sent home.
        • Get involved in our PTU or become a school volunteer.

        In English/Language Arts, our priority learning targets:

        Language: Acquisition: Use of Language

        • Understands authors use rhythmical patterns and/or descriptive words to create specific images and/or feelings.

        Language: Conventions: Capitalization & Punctuation

        • Is skilled at using capitalization (dates, names of people, in context, when writing.

        Language: Conventions: Grammar

        • Is skilled at using conventions of standard grammar and usage when writing and speaking (verb tense, subject-verb agreement, adjectives, conjunctions).

        Language: Conventions: Spelling

        • Is skilled at using references to check or correct spelling

        Reading: Informational/Literature: Text Features & Structures

        • Understands that authors use text features to contribute to and clarify a text.
        • Understands how the author uses patterns to present and emphasize information.

        Reading: Literature: Point of View/Purpose

        • Understands the narrator’s point of view influences how characters and events are presented in a story.

        Speaking and Listening: Collaborative Conversations

        • Is skilled at engaging effectively in a range of collaborative discussions

        Writing: Research: Accessing & Reporting Information

        • Is skilled at using simple search tools and text features to answer a question about a topic when doing research.

        Writing: Types and Purpose: Informative/Explanatory

        • Is skilled at crafting an introduction or lead for a topic or process providing evidence that supports the lead using facts, information, and graphics; and crafting a concluding statement.

        Writing: Types and Purpose: Narratives

        • Is skilled at elaborating on the actions, thoughts, and feelings of the characters; providing details related to the setting; establishing a conflict; and bringing closure to the piece of writing.

        Writing: Types and Purpose: Opinion/Argument

        • Is skilled at stating an opinion for a topic, providing multiple reasons supported by relevant evidence, using transition words and phrases, and presenting a conclusion in a piece of writing.

        In Math, our priority targets are:

        Algebra: Foundational Algebra

        • Is skilled at identifying and describing patterns.

        Geometry: Attributes and Properties

        • Understands defining attributes of a polygon and non-polygon. Understands defining attributes of quadrilaterals and non-quadrilaterals.
        • Understands the different attributes of triangles.

        Geometry: Measurement

        • Is skilled at finding the perimeter of a polygon
        • Understands the formula for finding the area of a rectangle and square.
        • Is skilled at using perimeter and area formula for rectangles in real-world and mathematical problems.

        Number Sense: Counting & Cardinality

        • Understands greater than, less than, or equal to for objects using terms and symbols (, =)
        • Understands patterns when working with even and odd numbers.

        Operations: Multiplication & Division

        • Understands various ways to represent multiplication

        Operations: Multiplication/Division Facts Checklists

        • Knows multiplication facts 0-5.

        Tools of Measurement: Measurement

        • Is skilled at estimating, measuring and expressing the length of an object to the nearest inch, foot, meter, and centimeter.

        Tools of Measurement: Time

        • Understands time can be measured to the nearest quarter hour using a.m. and p.m. on an analog and digital clock.
        • Understands that time can be measured to the nearest minute using a.m. and p.m. on an analog and digital clock.
        • Is skilled at calculating elapsed time.

        Science and Social Studies are taught in thematic units. Our units of study are below, along with the priority targets for each.

        Earth Science: Universe

        • Understand the relative locations of the sun, earth, moon, planets, and their orbits.
        • Understand how the rotation of the earth on its axis causes day and night. Understand that a year is determined by the revolution of the earth around the sun. Understand that the tilt of the earth on its axis causes seasons.

        Physical Science: Matter

        • Understand how objects can be described in terms of the materials they are made of and their properties (color, size, shape, weight, texture, flexibility, etc.). Understand the changes that occur in properties of materials when wet, mixed, heated, frozen, cut, dissolved, blended, or exposed to light.
        • Understand that all objects are composed of parts and the sum of the parts equals the whole.

        Culture: Awareness and Understanding

        • Understands different cultural backgrounds.

        Geography: Maps & Tools

        • Is skilled at using cardinal and intermediate directions to locate places on a map. Is skilled at using a legend and map scale.

        PE: Mr. Dyer and Ms. Dubois

        Art: Mrs. Jordan

        Music: Ms. Macleod

        Library: Mrs. Holyoke

        Technology: Mrs. Clawson

        Guidance: Mrs. Blier

        The City of Brewer is proud to be a community of caring. Along with these values, Habits of Work are explicitly taught at each grade level. We work with our K-8 students to help them become a:

        Respectful Learner

        • Listens and follows directions
        • Respects rights and feelings of others

        Responsible Learner

        • Behaves responsibly
        • Completes assignments

        Collaborative Worker

        • Works and plays cooperatively
        • Participates/engages in class

        Self-Directed Learner

        • Demonstrates independent work habits
        • Produces quality work
        • Shows perseverance