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Brewer High School Alternative Education Option

Alpha Vision

Alpha was established in 1997 by a group of Brewer educators who had the belief and vision that all students despite their circumstances can learn. And every student should have the opportunity to learn and to achieve a quality of life they desire based on their educational efforts and achievements. Alpha is an alternative option for high school students who are being served by the Brewer School Department. Students who are experiencing a variety of educational, personal, emotional, or social challenges may find a non traditional setting, smaller student‑teacher ratio, access to more individual guidance, and opportunities for credit recovery more beneficial in meeting their needs.

Alpha Plan

Alpha’s daily schedule is based on the personal learning plans of each student enrolled. What courses are offered and when they are scheduled largely depends on the needs of each student. For many years, Alpha has operated on a block schedule approach. Each of the (5) scheduled class periods is based on a flexible 60 minute work periods. Students are Brewer High School students and have all the opportunities and privileges that are offered to each student in Brewer. Alpha strives to assist students in building a goal oriented plan to help them successfully transition from high school to their future plans.

Alpha Belief Statement

We believe that the Alpha Program can help reestablish the hearts and spirits of students through personalized learning and individualized experiences. We believe that every student is valuable and given the direction can learn to advocate as well as take ownership of their education.

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