Brewer High School

    Early College Guidelines & Expectations

    What is Early College?

    Early College is the opportunity for junior and senior high school students to enroll in college courses while still in high school. Courses are free, with the exception of textbooks and some fees, and most programs have a limited number of credits that can be taken free (usually 12 credits in an academic year). Early College includes courses taken on campus, online, or in the high school (i.e. Concurrent courses); however, the information provided below refers to on campus and online options only.

    Early College Programs

    University of Maine System

    Eastern Maine Community College

    Husson University

    Brewer High School Guidelines & Expectations

    • In addition to meeting prerequisites established by the Early College programs, such as minimum GPA, students who are most successful in Early College courses:
      • Have demonstrated ability at the Honors/AP level, especially in subject area of college course
      • Work well independently (especially with online courses)
      • Enjoy a challenge and are willing to work hard
    • In order to effectively assist students with requests for Early College courses, and for students who wish to receive high school credit for college courses, interested students must email their guidance counselor by the following deadlines:
      • Fall courses: June 1
      • Spring courses: December 15
      • Summer courses: At least two weeks prior to course start date, no later than June 1
    • One college course is worth one high school credit, and the grade is Pass or Fail (P or F).
    • Students may only take college courses not already offered by the high school.
    • College courses taken as graduation requirements must be completed prior to Fall of senior year.
    • Guidance counselors will meet with students to discuss plans for taking college courses, and provide assistance as needed/requested; however, the entire process is the responsibility of the student, to include contacting the Early College programs for assistance.
    • Students are responsible for providing course enrollment confirmation by the following deadlines:
      • Fall courses: August 28
      • Spring courses: January 22
      • Summer courses: Prior to course start date
    • Students are responsible for providing proof of course grade (i.e. college transcript) as soon as it is available.
    • Exceptions to the above will be discussed with the guidance counselor and may require principal approval.
    • Transferability of college credit from one college to another is not guaranteed. If you plan to attend a specific college, students should contact that college to ask about transfer credit.
    • More is not necessarily better when students are considering the number of college courses they want to take during high school. Students should carefully consider the reasons for taking college courses, based on future goals.
    • If deadlines are missed, students may still have the opportunity to take college courses, but will not receive high school credit.
    • IMPORTANT: The 12 credit limit includes courses taken in the University of Maine System and Maine Community College System combined, as well as Concurrent courses taken at the high school.