Removal from Outbreak Status


Dear Families and Staff of the Brewer School Department,

I'm happy to report that Brewer High School (BHS) has been removed from COVID-19 outbreak status based on no new, recent cases being identified at or coming into the school. This is directly related to the ongoing effort of our staff, students, and administration to adhere to our Keys to Safety in the Brewer Schools that includes mask wearing, distancing, hand hygiene, and the other practices listed in our document that are based on protocols from the Maine Center for Disease Control (MCDC). 

With the number of positive cases in our schools has remaining low over the course of the year and no evidence of spread of the virus within the schools, it is nice to share this good news. 

Thank you to all parents and guardians who have kept their students home when any potential symptoms appear or someone in the house is being tested for the virus. This vigilance is helping keep our schools both safe and open. 

Our positive thoughts and offer of support go out to families who are dealing with a COVID-19 infection. Reach out if you need us. We stand with you. 

We will continue to navigate through this health crisis by prioritizing physical, social/emotional, and academic health and will reach out with any new information that comes our way.


Gregg Palmer, Superintendent of Schools