Mr. Utterback

This year was challenging and exhausting, but despite the hardships, we have all come together and showed our Witch’s hearts.  There is something very special about the amazing way our faculty and staff leaned into the year with a full commitment to our students and their education.  This year, it was particularly difficult to decide who to dedicate our yearbook to.  We are thankful that our faculty members did their best to make this year a success and we noticed one person in particular who really stepped up to the plate and showed just how much grit and determination they possess.

You can always see this person in the hallway greeting students and faculty alike, and when you interact with them, you can tell that the love they have for Brewer High School goes far beyond the written duties of their job.   

By replacing someone who has had his position for the past 20 years, he had some big shoes to fill.  Instead of changing things for the sake of change, he respected the traditions that he was tasked with continuing.  He knew that this year would be like nothing else we have ever seen.  He demonstrated that he was innovative and willing to look outside the box, advocating for change at the end of last school year.  He will do anything to make it work for our students.

One of his goals has always been to include as many students as possible in athletics and to promote teamwork and sportsmanship. To fulfill this goal, he helped BHS join Maine’s Unified Sports through basketball to give more students than ever the opportunity to train, compete, and represent our school.  In the second year of his tenure, he established the Brewer Athletic Hall of Fame as a way to celebrate and honor student-athletes who have made their mark on BHS’s history.

Through his sarcastic wit, anyone can see his compassion, love for athletics, and his devotion to the students at Brewer High; it never goes unnoticed. Even though Bangor is his alma mater, the blood in his veins is orange and black.  On behalf of the Trident Yearbook staff, we are proud to dedicate the 2021 Trident Yearbook to Mr. David Utterback!