Morning Announcement
  • Winter Sport Registration is online and available. Please have your parent register you for the winter sport you intend to access - this includes those individuals who will play Pioneers Girls Hockey, Ski with Hampden Academy or Wrestle with Bucksport
  • SENIORS! Deadline for all things Yearbook is 10/31! Be sure to visit the Trident Website to fill out ALL the Senior Forms so YOU can be properly represented in this year's Trident. Email FMI. Need a Senior Photo? Email Ms. Johnson to set up an appointment. Don't delay! Sign up and get your forms in today!
  • Students who are interested in the JMG - Maine Career Exploration Badging Program and who have completed the survey, need to meet in room 304 on Monday, October 24th, during Witches' Meeting. Make sure you bring your laptops.