Honors Diploma Program

How is the Brewer Honors Diploma Pathway different from other Honors Programs?

Based on 4 key elements:

  • Personalization

  • Strong Work Ethic

  • Motivation

  • Post-Secondary Focus


  • Seminar Seminar and Senior Exhibition

Work Ethic

  • Higher Level Courses

  • 90 Cumulative GPA

  • On-line Community


  • Invitation to UMaine Honors College

  • Academic Medal

  • Honors Award

  • Entry in the BHS Scholarship Pool

Post-Secondary Focus

  • SAT Prep Course

  • Field Trips

  • Post-Secondary Opportunities (e.g. Presentations at UMaine Honors College, expert lectures)

How do I become eligible?

Honors Diploma students must successfully complete:

  • Application & Interview Process

  • A Minimum of 10 Honors/AP Courses

  • Earn a 90 Cumulative GPA through 7 semesters

  • Senior Exhibition Project or Senior Seminar

  • 6 Honors Diploma Program sponsored seminars, and 2 Honors Diploma Program sponsored Field Trips

  • Meet all standard course requirements

Brewer High School & University of Maine Honors College Articulation Agreement

Any Brewer High School Honors Diploma recipient will receive, upon full acceptance, automatic admission to the University of Maine Honors College.

What Is the University of Maine Honors College?

600 students and nearly 100 faculty

  • Honors housing at Colvin Hall

  • Very small preceptorial classes

  • Use of the Thompson Honors Center

  • Weekly Honors Tea

  • Alumni Mentor Program

  • Opportunity to attend state, regional and national conferences

To find out more about the University of Maine Honors College, visit: http://honors.umaine.edu/ Leah Honors College, University of Maine “It’s more than just reading books, it really gives you a grasp on a lot of topics, so that when you get in the real world you’re going to have some kind of basic [knowledge] about a lot of broad issues, so that it adds to your major interest in college.”