Two of our Brewer High School seniors, Luke and Ayden, both graduated from the Maine Construction Academy's Construction Immersion Program in the summer of 2023. A Brewer teacher and ELO coordinator was the lead instructor for over a dozen students who attended at Brewer High to earn industry certifications and, in the process, many received job and internship offers.

These came prior to graduation from the program, with the students of the Construction Immersion Program participating in interviews with employers they met throughout the program. Luke & Ayden were star students and left the program not only with industry credentials and hands-on experience, they also moved right into a paid apprenticeships with Wyman & Simpson, Inc.!

Below is an excerpt of an interview they participated in after spending nearly the entire year in these full time apprenticeships.

We connected with them on the phone this week to check-in on how they're enjoying their apprenticeship so far. Here is that interview:

What made you gain interest in construction?

Luke - "I have had an interest in construction since I was young. My dad has worked in construction throughout my childhood and I spent time on job sites with him, learning about the industry, and being in equipment. One day, I hope to work my way up to be an equipment operator."

Ayden - "I never really had interest in construction, but came across the Maine Construction Academy last year and found a love for it. I really like that there are so many opportunities and trades that you can do."

How do you find juggling school work & your apprenticeships?

Luke & Ayden - "We both find it easy to juggle the two. We take our classes online this year, so it makes working full-time as an apprentice more manageable. We leave plenty of time after work and on weekends to get classwork done."

What advice would you give to other young people considering an apprenticeship program?

Luke & Ayden - "Take every opportunity you can get."

Learn more about the Maine Construction Academy and construction/transportation apprenticeship opportunities in Maine at buildingmaine.com or contact us at team@agcmaine.org.